Nordic Online Symposium on Intravital Microscopy – October 26, 2022

We cordially welcome you to a symposium where we will give an overview of the many possible uses and the information gain that intravital imaging offers

09:00 am – Opening, Dr Christiane Peuckert- Stockholm University, Sweden
09:05 am – Intravital Microscopy reveals the cellular processes that drive tumor induction and progression, Prof Jacco van Rheenen, The Netherlands Cancer Institute, Netherlands
09:50 am – Visualising cell behaviour in vivo – auxiliary methods making it possible, Dr David Ahl, Uppsala University, Sweden
10:25 am – Deciphering brain function with in vivo two-photon microscopy, Prof Rune Enger- University of Oslo, Norway
11:00 am – Break
11:20 am – STELLARIS DIVE – Deep in Vivo Explorer, Dr. Daniel Smeets, Leica Microsystems
11:50 am – A workflow for serial multiphoton microscopy of the living kidney using upright systems, M.Sc. Donato Sardella, Aarhus University, Denmark
12:10 pm – Intravital in vivo imaging of pancreatic islets in the anterior chamber of the eye, PhD cand Francesca Lazzeri-Barcelo, Karolinska Institute, Sweden
12:30 pm – Real-time Intravital microscopy of microbubbles-treated tumors implanted in dorsal window chambers., M.SC. Jessica Lage Fernandez, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim, Norway
12:50 pm – Break
1:10 pm – Intravital microscopy at the Helsinki In Vivo Imaging Platform, Dr. Marja Lohela, University of Helsinki, Finnland
1:25 pm – IVMSU- an open access facility for In Vivo Microscopy, Dr. Christiane Peuckert, Stockholm University, Sweden

Time: Wednesday 26th of October 2022, CEST
Online, zoom

The zoom link can only be sent to participants with an institutional email address.