Hands-on Light Sheet Microscopy Workshop at Aarhus University, Denmark – Aug 19-22, 2024

A workshop for you?

This Light Sheet Microscopy Workshop brings together scientists and experts in the field of light sheet microscopy. As it is a hands-on course, participation number is limited to 16. 

We aim to give you an overview on current best practice in light sheet microscopy along with tips & tricks for every step from methodological aspects all the way to data analysis and to facilitate increased awareness of both the prospects and the limitations of light sheet microscopy.

When? 19.-22.8.2024

Where? Aarhus University, The Skou Building (1116)


Light sheet microscopy offers intermediate-to-high optical resolution, good optical sectionning capabilities and high speed – perhaps the right choice for your research? Designing a proper experimental setup that fits your experiment may be challenging and may require a lot of time. This workshop will take you through each step from methodological aspects to data analyses:

  • CLEARING Is the clearing technique expanding or shrinking the sample? Is it conserving endogenously expressed fluorophores? You will clear a provided organ yourself during the workshop.
  • IMMUNOSTAINING & IMAGING How should refractive index and toxicity be considered during imaging? Get hands-on time at both the Zeiss Lightsheet 7 microscope and the Miltenyi Blaze light sheet microscope.
  • BIG DATA STORAGE, 3D DATA DISPLAY & ANALYSIS How can quantitative data be extracted from 3D data sets? Get familiar with free-ware options in Fiji/Image J, Python as well as with commercial solutions like Arivis (Zeiss) and Miltenyi analysis software.

Altogether, our aim is to give you an overview on current best practice in light sheet microscopy, to provide tips and tricks on each step and to ensure that you obtain basic light sheet microscopy experience by performing each step yourself. Finally, there will be the possibility to present a poster.

Experts will be happy to answer your questions along the way!   

To make optimal use of the workshop, bring your own sample. For support, contact us before you start clearing (at least 3 weeks before the beginning of the workshop). Contact us at imaging@biomed.au.dk